FabTech Services, LP – fabrication, welding, water jet services2018-01-03T14:41:58-06:00

Fabtech precision fabrication, welding and water jet cutting services.

Our fabrication business focuses on design, prototyping, manufacturing, welding, modification and repair of components, weldments and assemblies for many different industries.  In addition to typical materials, we regularly work with exotic materials including stainless, inconel, titanium and composites.   We have a team of certified precision welders specializing in TIG, MIG and orbital / high purity welding.frontpage

We offer extensive precision Water Jet cutting capability utilizing multiple cutting systems (both large and small format) to accommodate all types of materials and requirements.  Our Water Jet division has produced products ranging from precision-cut signage to specialty oilfield tooling and aircraft components.

FabTech understands customer service and is committed to:

1. Utilizing superior design and manufacturing techniques, processes and materials.

2. Providing guaranteed on-time delivery and expedite programs for rapid project deployment.

3. Building value which reduces the TCO (total cost of ownership)

Please contact us so we can better understand your needs.