Does FabTech do customer consultations?2016-11-03T13:26:58-05:00

Yes. We believe in growing strong long-term partnerships with our clients.  As such, our expert staff is available to assist with your project.  Please click here to contact us or call 972-495-2026 to schedule an appointment.

Can FabTech cut ballistic (bulletproof / explosion-proof) materials?2014-02-16T11:47:09-06:00

Yes. FabTech has developed advanced cutting techniques to accommodate hard-to-cut materials like kevlar, carbon-fiber composites, ballistic glass and other exotic materials.

Does FabTech work with oversize materials?2014-01-20T16:39:53-06:00

Yes.  Our abrasive waterjet machines can handle material up to 120″ x 300″ and up to 10″

How accurate are waterjet cutting techniques?2014-01-20T16:39:03-06:00

Our abrasive waterjet machines can hold tolerances within +/-.005″.

What is the maximum material thickness that FabTech can cut?2014-01-20T16:38:46-06:00

Our abrasive waterjet systems can cut materials up to 10″ thick.

Does FabTech work with CAD files?2014-02-16T11:51:23-06:00

Yes. FabTech uses many of the most common CAD/CAM systems and is most likely able interpret your files.

What types of materials can FabTech cut with its waterjet systems?2016-11-03T13:26:58-05:00

Since WaterJet is the most versatile cutting system, FabTech can cut nearly any type of material.  Jobs often consist of cutting stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, inconel, red metals, composites, honeycomb, ballistic material, armor plating, rubber, foam, urethane, teflon, nylon, mylar laminates, granite, marble and many other exotic materials.  Nearly everything except for tempered glass and beryllium copper.  Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.